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When I have started “blogs” in the past, I have usually begun with a post along the lines of: “In the Words of Why.”

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Seeing as I have done this before and abandoned it prematurely, perhaps a semi-new introduction is needed.

There are a good number of things I could cite as my reasons for beginning this type of venture again, but the most pertinent in my own mind, is that I miss writing. As it now stands, my journalism degree is not being used and so while this will certainly not be considered a “journalistic endeavor” it will act as a way for me to practice and hopefully advance a skill set I wish very much to have.

So it goes.

I will try and make this blog a lot of things. I am aware, however that this type of forum needs some kind of honed focus in order to potentially succeed. I am not sure yet though if I wish for “this” to succeed or not – I also have no intention of trying to define what that would entail for me right now. And so, I will try and make this blog a lot of things. My work currently allows me to do a good deal of traveling across the United States. That then allows me to have and share very interesting and very mundane experiences. I’d like to chronicle them here.

I would also like to start commenting on the industry I currently work in (still waiting on responses regarding the guidelines/rules concerning employee operated blogs). The purpose of this will be two-fold: 1. I am less versed in the current tech culture and its constant goings-on than I would like to admit. But I would like to learn as much as possible and decrease my current ignorance to that extent. I believe this blog will help in that – and hopefully if I give people a reason to participate, a continued discovery and discussion will be this blog’s by-product (although discovery and intelligent discussion should always be the main goal of any questioning and learning – but seeing as how I have a tendency to start something like this and forget about it just as fast…). 2. Hopefully any of my friends and family that are not in this industry but have a continued interest in it will help me find topics to discuss and find things that interest them and maybe even explain some of why I am the way I am or do the things I do.

With all of this said, I am still a pop-culture fiend with less that satisfactory attention spans for all types of media. Translation: If I see something cool, I’ll probably just post it no matter what significance it has to whatever my still developing overall point to “this” is.

I could probably say more at this point, but I’d really just like to post some links and leave work (hotel internet is fleeting at best).

Via ColdWarKids: Right now, on CWK’s website, you can download two new singles, “Minimum Day” and “Minimum Mistake”

Via Hypetrak: Andrew Bird’s new single, “Eyeoneye”

Also you should check these out:

Via Brian Edwards: Effortlessly Tasteless

Via Ryan Smith: The Spinning Cook

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January 24, 2012 at 2:25 AM

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  1. I’m interested in “this.” I understand the fight against a theme, although I see your interests, particularly pop culture, subconsciously creating what “this” will be all about.


    January 24, 2012 at 4:50 PM

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